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I am having difficulty with our current PCP and am looking to find a new one that can handle the complexities of our Autistic child. Anyone have a PCP who is really good at managing the care of their Autistic child?

Thanks for your help!


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Partners In Pediatrics - two thumbs up! We have Dr Glidden but see Dr Kaupp at times and they are fantastic. Both Dr's nurses have a lot of experience with autism and other disabilities. I have never had a bad experience with them. Excellent specialist referrals for me as well.
I can't believe we haven't run into each other before now. We see Dr, Kaupp too!
We see Dr Gregory Kaupp at Nashua Pediatrics.  He has been very good and always gives his input into where we are headed with specialists, etc.  He sees my son more than the normal child well checks so that he can remain informed of what is going on.  I have a younger son who is not on the spectrum - or not that we have any concern of to date other than speech, he is 2.5 - but he continues appointments every 6 mos to be sure we aren't overlooking anything that may be of concern.  He is also very accepting of information I bring to him from 'non-traditional' doctors.
We see Dr Kaupp at Partners in Pediatrics in Nashua, as well. She has been really good and caring. Highly recommended.
Partners in Pediatrics is a great place to go.  We see Dr. Kaupp and she has been seeing my twins since birth.  She has been great.  Initially she thought the boys had global developmental delays, but NEVER questioned my taking them for an autism evaluation.  And afterwards told me she really did think and hope that it was global developmental delays (my boys were 5 weeks early and preemies so that is pretty common).  She has been amazing giving me referrals for specialists and tends to be on a similar page for specialists as our developmental ped and private therapists at LADDERS.  We've seen Dr. Glidden as well for our sinus infections and ear infections if Cara is out (she works part time), and she is great too.  Greg is Cara's husband, and I think both of them are trying to keep on top of research, etc. for kiddos on the spectrum.  She's also been really good about my doing a delayed vaccine schedule for my littlest guy and now with the twins.  Definitely nice to have that support!


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