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Please share your experiences with social skills groups for individuals (children/adults) diagnosed with ASD. -thanks-nze

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Hi, I don't have any first hand experience with social skills groups. I wish they existed for kids on the spectrum who are non - verbal (elementary through highschool and beyond). I haven't heard of one yet that includes this population.
Hey Pam, Thanks for your response and I am going to ask Michelle Abbott to look into your question-thanks-nze
I was wishfully thinking of one that high-school kids who are high-functioning but have impaired social skills could belong to.Some of these kids are so high-functioning that their hidden disability make other kids think they are quirky or weird. These are the kids that lack close friends who call them to get together and go places so that they feel included and not isolated. How many of us have kids like this . They are home all the time because nobody invites them to dances,movies,sports functions,etc..These are also the kids that don't know how to ask a person out on a date or have no clue how to properly form a relationship with the opposite sex.Does anybody know of a group that addresses these issues?
Maria Rawlings
Hey maria,
Thank you for your response! Please review the posting I wrote last week (Aug 24) about Springboard. Springboard is a social group for 18yrs and up through TILL. Please let me know if you need more info. I am also going to ask Michelle Abbott and Teresa Bolick to let us know if there are any resources for your questions-thanks-nze

Hey Michelle Abbott, Teresa Bolick,
Please see maria rawlings question about and give her assistance-thanks-nze
Someone asked about social groups for adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.

Adolescents who are eligible for Gateways can attend the Teen Group run by the Plus Company.

Other options for those who are not Gateways clients include groups run by Linda Rose Price in Chelmsford. You can contact her at

Please let me know if anyone knows of other possibilities.

Teresa Bolick
Hey Teresa,
Thank you so much for the info about social groups for adolescents. I also look forward to hearing from others on groups that others might also know about-thanks-nze
I have heard of a few social groups going on that I think addresses Maria's question in the immediate. Pam, I'm looking at groups and made some calls to try and locate a group for nonverbal children.

NASHUA & MILFORD, NH – Social skills groups for children, teens and adults.  Contact Kathryn Smith, MA, M.Ed. at
(603) 595-1734 or (603) 886-5565 or email  Website:

Autism Bridges in Bedford has social groups for all different ages. I have heard from a couple parents in the high school age range that their children love it and have benefited from going. I heard they have a younger group (?around 6yrs) but not sure on other groups. I left a message to see what I can find out.

BEDFORD, NH SPEECH CONNECTIONS – Social skills groups for school-aged children with Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism or pragmatic language impairment.  Groups meet weekly and are run by Heather A. Adams and Jocelyn G. Lister, two experienced speech and language pathologists.  Sessions run for six week intervals at
Speech Connections, Bedford; a speech therapy private practice.  Groups are limited to a maximum of six students.  Contact Heather A. Adams, M.A., CCC-SLP at (603) 623-5237 or  Visit our website for further information.    

Bedford NH - Adult Autism Social Group
Where:   Speech Connections Office, 57 South River Road, Bedford NH
Jim Forrestall runs social skills groups. He's signing up kids right now. My son hasn't been yet but I've heard from other people that he is good and I'm hoping that Jim will have a group that is right for him soon. Here's his website and contact info:
The Waumbec Mill
250 Commercial St.
Suite 3011-A
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
Phone: 603-668-0255
Hey Jeannie,
Thank you for the info-Nze

My son recently attended a social skills group this summer through Autism Bridges and he enjoyed it. We plan to continue the group through the upcoming school year.

I know social skills need to be taught but I'm not sure of the best way to go about it (for my son). I believe he knows a lot of what he's supposed to do and will continue to learn but he's often not able to apply the skills he's learned to real life. Does anyone else experience this? Kelly
Hey kelly,
Thankl you for sharing your son's expereince-thanks-nze


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